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S/Q7 4M (Facelift) - Intelligent Park Assist

This retrofit is for the Intelligent Park Assist functionality for the Audi S/Q7 4M (Facelift).


This feature is similar to the "Park Assist" feature of the Pre-Facelift Audi S/Q7 4M whereby the system will self park and un-park into spaces both parallel and perpendicular.


The main difference between the system in the facelift S/Q7 4M over the pre-facelift S/Q7 4M is that the car controls the steering as well as the braking and acceleration. All the driver does is hold the button down in the middle of the centre console. If you let go of the button the system stops immediately. You can also "take over" at any time by just grabbing the steering wheel.


Your Facelift S/Q7 4M must have Adaptive Cruise Control and 360 Camera System for the IPA feature to be retrofitted. If you dont have these features they must be retrofitted first (which is substantial cost in reality).


In addition, we have to check that your S/Q7 4M Facelift is on certain software levels for some control units in the car to support IPA. This can only be validated with a diagnostic scan of your vehicle prior to confirming if IPA can be installed or not.


This retrofit takes about 3 hours to complete and has to be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Contact us to discuss the requirements and feasibility.

S/Q7 4M (Facelift) - Intelligent Park Assist

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