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Concierge Service

Our UK Nationwide 'Collect & Return' Service
Audi Upgrades Concierge Service

We are based in West Sussex in the United Kingdom, however we fully appreciate that if you are looking at work for us to perform on your vehicle that it may be a long journey for you to visit us, especially if the retrofit(s) may take more than one day and you may need to factor in accomodation costs, train costs or you just need to stay where you are for whatever reason.

So we created Audi Upgrades Concierge, and in its simplest form, we offer a UK nationwide 'collect & return' service for your vehicle - which of course, is fully insured.

We will discuss with you the approximate timescales of the work we will perform on your vehicle and from that you can see whether our Concierge service is somthing you would like to consider.

What happens?

On the day of collection, at a pre-agreed time between yourself and us we will send our uniformed driver to you, generally via public transport (train etc) and we would ask you collect them from your local train station. Once they arrive, we will check over your vehicle and complete an inspection form and photograph any damage to the vehicle both inside and outside (including wheels) for both your reference, and ours.

We will check the car is fully fuelled (or fully charged) and record the mileage. Depending on the retrofits being performed, we may ask for all car keys (you will be informed of this in advance).


We will ask if any 3rd party alarms/immobilisers or trackers are installed into the vehicle and may require the tags/codes to ensure they are disabled while we have your vehicle.


We will then ask you to check our inspection form and if all ok, you will sign it and so will our driver. A carbon copy of the form will then be handed to you.

We will then drive the vehicle, directly back to us without any deviation of route. Unless the jouney is significant (8 hour+) we will drive the car in a single journey straight back to us. We wont stop at services stations, drink, eat or smoke in your vehicle. We will never drive over the speed limit and treat your vehicle like our own and with the utmost respect.

If the car requires more fuel (or recharging) on our journey back to us then we will refill/recharge appropriately, keeping a copy of all receipts for your records.

Once the car is with us, we will send you a message to let you know its arrived, safe and sound with photos. You are welcome to call us to check in at any time (during opening hours).

While we work on your vehicle we will keep you informed of progress, this can sometimes be via email, or even via our WhatsApp Business account sending you photos/videos or even a video call.

Once all the work is completed you can then either come to us to collect your vehicle and drive it home, or we can return it to you in the same manner as above. (This is generally agreed upon in advance).

Whether you are collecting the vehicle from us yourself, or we are returning it to you, we will do a complete formal handover of the retrofits carried out, showing how everything works and answering any questions you have. 

Assuming you are happy with all the works completed, the outstanding balance of the retrofits can then be paid. If we are returning the vehicle to you, we will bring a portable Chip+Pin machine with us. Please note, we do not take cash.


Costs for our Concierge service vary depending on distance/travel costs so we will discuss this with you in advance before you need to make any commitment.

Any additional fuel (or charging costs) we have had to incur will be passed to you with the original receipts and added to the final outstanding costs appropriately.


If you have any other questions about our Concierge service, please drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss with you.

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