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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do you need my VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?
    We always ask for your VIN as it allows us to determine the specification of your car when it left the factory. In doing this it allows us to confirm what may/may not be required for a specific retrofit you are interested in. No personal information about yourself (Name/Address/DOB etc) can be collected from your VIN. Its purely for the information about your vehicle only. Your VIN number is on your front windscreen in the bottom right hand corner which you can see from standing outside the car.
  • Can I not just give you my car registration number instead?
    No, we can't get the details we need from just your car registration. We need your VIN number specifically.
  • Are all the retrofit options on your website available for my car?
    Not necessarily. We only retrofit features to a vehicle that were an "option" from the factory. For example, if you have a 2013 Audi A3, then you would not be able to fit Matrix Headlights to this car as it was never an option from Audi.
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