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A6 4G (Facelift) 2015-2018 - Genuine Rear View Camera

The Audi A6 4G Facelift 2015+ Genuine OEM Highline Rear View Camera system provides a high quality rear view camera image which is displayed on the main MMI screen. This system is based on if your car has the "RMC" (Radio Media Centre) system installed.


It automatically displays on the screen when the car is put into reverse or optionally can be activated using the parking sensor button (if fitted).


The camera image automatically turns off as you drive forward.


The camera system is a highline version which means there are dynamic guidelines so as you turn the steering wheel as you are reversing, the lines on the image move to show your direction of travel.


This is £600 inc VAT supplied and fitted with 2-Year Warranty and includes full calibration of the system once installed.


This retrofit takes about 4-5 hours to complete and is performed at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Contact us to discuss.

A6 4G (Facelift) 2015-2018 - Genuine Rear View Camera

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