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A6/S6/RS6 4A 2018+ - Garage Homelink

This retrofit for the Audi A6/S6/RS6 4K 2018+ is for Garage Homelink.


Garage Homelink allows the vehicle to have 8 touchscreen buttons that can be programmed to respective devices (such as Electric Garage Doors or Electric Gates) that are supported by the 'HomeLink' standard.


Once installed, the Garage Homelink system can be programmed to copy the settings of the keyfob that you use to open a garage door or electric gate for example. The system supports both static and rolling code systems.


Once a Garage Homelink touchscreen button is configured, you can rename it to something meaningful (for example "Left Garage Door").


In addition, the system uses the GPS of the vehicle and can be configured to automatically pop up on the MMI touchscreen as you drive towards the destination where the button is configured for. It will prompt you if you would like to execute the homelink command to the device (e.g open the garage door).


A really handy feature to have and removes the need to keep keyfobs lying around the vehicle.


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A6/S6/RS6 4A 2018+ - Garage Homelink

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