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A6/S6/RS6 4G 2015+ - Night Vision

The Night Vision feature for the A6/S6/RS6 4G 2015+ provides a thermal imaging camera in the front bumper detecting pedestrians and animals in darkness. The thermal imaging camera has a longer range of sight than the human eye at night and can highlight and detect people and animals at a greater distance.


Objects located are highlighted in a Yellow frame in the cockpit when detected. If the system senses a potential danger the object is highlighted in Red with a warning on the cockpit and Head-Up Display (if installed). If no further action is taken by the driver, the car will apply braking and manoeuvres to prevent an impact.


The Night Vision system is turned on and off via a new button on the light button controls to the side of the steering wheel.


Prices start from £1400 inc VAT supplied and fitted and includes full Night Vision calibration.


This retrofit takes about 8-9 hours to complete and has to be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


This retrofit is dependent on your car configuration and instrument cluster part number, so please send us an email with your VIN so we can confirm requirements and associated costs.

A6/S6/RS6 4G 2015+ - Night Vision

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