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A7 4G 2015+ Facelift - Auto-Dimming Wing Mirrors

This retrofit is for adding Auto-Dimming Wing Mirror functionality to the Audi A7/S7/RS7 4G 2015+


In most cars of this model/year the interior rear view mirror will "dim" automatically when a car is behind you and its lights are shining into the vehicle and onto the rear view mirror. This causes the interior mirror to "dim" to avoid dazzling your eyes while driving.


This extends that function into the wing mirror glass which then also dims at the same time. A great safety feature when driving in the dark.


This does require new wing mirror glass (either new or used) to support this functionality.


This retrofit takes about 3-4 hours to complete and is performed at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Pricing varies depending on the specification of your vehicle so please email us your VIN so we can confirm for you.


Contact us to discuss.

A7 4G 2015+ Facelift - Auto-Dimming Wing Mirrors

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