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A7 4G 2015+ Facelift - Soft Close Doors

This retrofit is for the Genuine OEM Soft Close Doors retrofit (aka Power Closure) for the Audi A7 4G Facelift.


This retrofit converts the doors to be able to "self-close" when they are in the half-latched position - this is where the door is in the latch but not fully closed. The respective door will detect its not fully closed and then automatically "draw" the door into the fully closed position. This means you dont need to open and re-close the door or slam it shut.


The retrofit can be done on one door or all 4 doors, its entirely upto you. Some people just have the rear doors done for children etc, some people just have the driver door done as most used.


It takes about 1.5 hours to complete PER door and involves Genuine OEM Audi A7 4G parts.


Prices start from approximately £400 inc VAT per door including supply and fit however we need your VIN to confirm exact costs so if you are interested please email it to us to check for you.


This retrofit has to be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Contact us to discuss.

A7 4G 2015+ Facelift - Soft Close Doors

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