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Audi A7 4G 2015+ - Traffic Sign Recognition

This retrofit is for the enablement of Traffic Sign Recognition in the Audi A7 4G 2015+.


The Traffic Sign Recognition system will read the road signs as you pass them and display the current speed limit within the vehicle. This includes temporary road signs (like roadworks etc). If the system can't read a road sign, it will drop back to using what is stored in the Sat Nav data within the vehicle.


Depending on your car configuration the speed limit signs will appear in the instrument cluster and optionally in the Head Up Display (if fitted). 


A core requirement of this retrofit is that the camera in your front windscreen (the one looking out the front of the car) must be installed for this retrofit to work. Please see the photo in this description showing where the camera is located. If you dont have this, then the system can still be retrofitted however the front windscreen must be replaced for a different one and the camera system fitted first (and calibrated).


In addition you must have the "High" MMI System. You can check this by looking at your "Version Information" screen on your MMI. If the software level starts "MHI2...." then it is supported. If it starts "RMC..." then it is NOT supported unfortunately.


The configuration of your vehicle will determine what is required to enable this, so we strongly recommend you email us your VIN number and we will be able to confirm costs and what is required.


This retrofit takes 4 hours to complete and must be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Contact us to discuss.

Audi A7 4G 2015+ - Traffic Sign Recognition

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