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Audi A8/S8/RS8 4N 2017+ - OLED Taillight Upgrade

This retrofit is for the original OLED (Organic LED) Rear Tail Lights with Dynamic Light Animations for the Audi A8 4N 2017+


The OLED Rear Tail Lights became an option (or was standard with Matrix Laser Headlights) when the A8 4N received a facelift for the MY (Model Year) 2022. However, it is possible to retrofit the facelift OLED rear tail lights to the earlier pre-facelift Audi A8 4N from Model Year 2017 and this includes the Dynamic rear tail light animations.


However, please note, the ability to change the rear tail light animations via the MMI is not possible on the pre-facelift A8 4N due to incompatibility with the MMI system itself. However, the animation can be changed via coding. (there are 3 to choose from).


The OLED Rear Tail lights give a superior crisp light emission compared to the standard LED rear tail lights. In addition, the Audi 4-ring logo is embedded into the OLED lower led quadrants of the outer tail lights giving a superior look to the rear of the car. Finished off with the dynamic unlocking and locking animations, the rear of the vehicle is given a much needed upgrade.


Of course, Dynamic 'sweeping' indicators are standard with the OLED rear tail lights.


Please be aware the OLED tail lights brand new from Audi are very expensive (approx £5000).


This retrofit takes about 4-5 hours to complete and has to be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Contact us to discuss feasibility.


Note: The photos in this listing are from 2019 Audi A8 4N 3.0 V6 TDI Turbo Diesel.

Audi A8/S8/RS8 4N 2017+ - OLED Taillight Upgrade

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