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S/Q7 4M (Pre-FL) - Audi Side Assist / Exit Warning / Rear Cross Traffic Alert

This Genuine OEM Audi S/Q7 4M Pre-Facelift Retrofit is for:


  • Audi Side Assist (aka Blind Spot Warning)
  • Exit Warning to all 4 doors
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert


Audi Side Assist provides enhanced convienence and safety when driving by warning you of any vehicle in your blind spot on either side of the vehicle. Particularly useful when driving on motorways or dual carriageways, the Side Assist LED in each wing mirror will increase in brightness as a vehicle enters your blind spot on the respective side of your vehicle. Once the vehicle passes you by, the light will fade out.


If you begin to change lane and potentially into the path of the vehicle that is in your blind spot, the LED in the wing mirror will flash rapidly to warn you of a vehicle in your blind spot.


Exit Warning to each door provides a red warning light whereby if you are parked on the side of a road and go to open your door and there is a cyclist or vehicle heading towards you from behind, the red LED in each door will light up to warn you that you may hit the cyclist/vehicle with your door as you open it. For the front doors the Side Assist LED's will also rapidly flash.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert is very useful in car parks whereby if you were to reverse out of a parking space, the system will alert you of any vehicles/cyclists or pedestrians that may be about to cross the back of your vehicle. A red warning "arrow" will visually show you on the MMI screen (if you have the rear view camera or 360 camera system) which direction the danger is coming from. If you continue to reverse out of the space and the car thinks you may have a collision it will abruptly apply the brakes to prevent this from happening.


This retrofit takes abouty 10 hours to complete and has to be completed at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Pricing varies depending on your vehicle so please contact us to discuss. Price includes full supply and fit including replacing wing mirror covers which are painted to match your car body colour. Other wing mirror variants (e.g. Chrome/Carbon Fibre) are available. Price also includes full Side Assist calibration using dealer level tools.


Contact us to discuss.

S/Q7 4M (Pre-FL) - Audi Side Assist / Exit Warning / Rear Cross Traffic Alert

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