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Genuine Audi Main Beam Assist Enablement

The Genuine and Official Enablement of Main Beam Assist (High Beam Assist) is the official activation package of this feature from Audi.


By activating Main Beam Assist using this official package, the enablement of the feature is logged against your vehicle (VIN) on the Audi Database in Germany. This effectively shows the vehicle as having Main Beam Assist enabled 'at the factory' and appears on the build list of the vehicle.


This booklet is then linked to the VIN of your vehicle and cannot be re-used on another vehicle.


Please note, this activation package is not available for all Audi models, and to be more specific it is generally available for the A4 B9/A5 8W/Q5 FY/Q7 4M model year 2016 onwards (to about model years 2019/2020) however if you send us your VIN to via email, we can confirm if its possible on your vehicle.


Your vehicle must have the front facing camera in the front windscreen behind the rear view mirror which looks forward. If this is missing, then Main Beam Assist is not possible on your vehicle.


The cost of this genuine enablement of Main Beam Assist is about £220 inc VAT supplied and activated however if you send us your VIN we can confirm the exact cost for you.


Contact us to discuss.

Genuine Audi Main Beam Assist Enablement

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