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RS5 8W 2016+ Genuine OEM Multi-Colour Ambient Lighting

This Genuine Factory OEM Ambient Lighting Retrofit for the RS5 8W 2016+ converts your existing interior lighting system to the full multi-colour lighting across the interior of the vehicle. This is the changing of standard white lighting to the enhanced multi-colour ambient lighting.


This is the Genuine Multi-Cololur Ambient Lighting option as if it was ordered at the factory. This is not an aftermarket Coloured Ambient Lighting system or a 3rd party solution that "integrates" with the car's systems.


This includes all new OEM trims and LEDs (brand new), full fitting and activation. All wiring is made in-house to VAG Group standards and recommendations and uses genuine OEM wiring / pins and connectors.


This retrofit takes about 2 days to complete and has to be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Contact us to discuss.


Note: The photos in this listing are from a 2018 RS5 8W Sportback.

RS5 8W 2016+ Genuine OEM Multi-Colour Ambient Lighting

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