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S/Q5 FY 2015+ - Electric Folding Wing Mirrors

This retrofit provides Electric Folding Wing Mirrors to the S/Q5 FY 2015+


Once fitted the electric folding mirrors will automatically fold in when the car is locked. They "unfold" when either the electrics or engine are started. A new option in the MMI system can allow the driver to choose whether the mirrors fold in when the car is locked or not.


In addition, a new window switch is fitted into the drivers door above the window control buttons to allow the mirrors to fold in by turning the knob to the folding mirror selection.


All parts are Genuine OEM Audi parts and brand new (not second hand/used). If the customer wishes to supply mirrors themselves (perhaps second hand) this is fine, but Audi Upgrades are not liable if they are faulty or do not work as designed.


The glass and wing mirror "caps" from the original non-folding mirrors are re-used on the electric folding mirrors.


On average this takes about 2-3 hours to complete and is completed at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Prices vary depending on if you have the 360 TopView Camera system or not, so please contact us to discuss.

S/Q5 FY 2015+ - Electric Folding Wing Mirrors

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