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This Retrofit for the S/Q5 FY 2015+ is for High Beam Assist functionality.


High Beam Assist allows the vehicle to automatically activate the full beam function of the headlights when it detects there are no on-coming vehicles or if the vehicle is not behind another vehicle.


When it detects an on-coming vehicle or as you drive towards a car in-front of you, it will automatically "dip" the headlights so as not to dazzle the other drivers. Once the vehicles are out the way it will automatically enable the full beam function again.


Extremely handy to save you having to switch from full beam to dipped headlights manually.


It is also still possible to temporarily 'flash' the full beam if required while the High Beam Assist remains active. In addition, it is possible to force the full beam on permanently at any time if required - and you can switch it back to the High Beam Assist function by just pulling the indicator stalk towards you.


This takes about 30 minutes to enable and is £75 inc VAT.


Contact us to discuss.


Note: Photos to come.

S/Q5 FY 2015+ High Beam Assist

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