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S/Q5 FY 2015+ Hot & Cold Cup Holder

This Genuine OEM Retrofit for the Audi S/Q5 FY 2015+ replaces the current standard 2 cup holders for a new cup holder which provides a hot or cold cup holder (on the right hand side) and a normal cup holder on the left hand side.


Once installed, you simply press the button to decide if you want the cup holder to be cold or hot. Pressing it once and the button will light up blue meaning its in cooling mode and after a couple of minutes the cup holder will drop to around 3 degress celsius. If you press the button again it will turn red, meaning its on heat mode and begin to heat up. Once its upto temperature a red LED inbetween the 2 cup holders will light up to tell you its upto temperature so you dont need to touch the cup holder to check.


Simply pressing the button again turns the hot/cold function off.


A great upgrade to the Q5 FY 2015+ and extremely rare option worldwide and was not available to the UK market from factory.


2 vents are added to the sides of the centre tunnel to aid ventilation to the system as part of the install.


This retrofit takes about 5 hours to complete and is done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


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S/Q5 FY 2015+ Hot & Cold Cup Holder

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