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S/Q5 FY 2021+ - Driver Memory Seats

This retrofit provides Driver Side Memory Seat functionality for the S/Q5 FY 2021+


Once the system is installed, a new button is fitted into the drivers door trim where 2 memory seat positions can be stored allowing quick retreival of the specific seat settings for the appropriate driver. If you have keyless entry then the seat settings can be stored to the key.


This retrofit can vary depending on the specification of your vehicle so please send us your VIN so we can work out what is required for your specific vehicle and quote you accordingly.


On average this takes about 3-4 hours to complete and is completed at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Please note, you must have electric front seats at a minimum to have this retrofit. If you have manually adjustable seats (where you pull a bar up at the front of the seat to move it forward and backwards) then this retrofit is not possible unless the entire seat(s) are replaced at additional cost.


Contact us to discuss.

S/Q5 FY 2021+ - Driver Memory Seats

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