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S/Q7 4M (Facelift) - Night Vision

The Night Vision feature for the S/Q7 4M (Facelift) provides a thermal imaging camera in the front bumper detecting pedestrians and animals in darkness. The thermal imaging camera has a longer range of sight than the human eye at night and can highlight and detect people and animals at a greater distance.


Objects located are highlighted in a Yellow frame in the cockpit when detected. If the system senses a potential danger the object is highlighted in Red with a warning on the cockpit and Head-Up Display (if installed). If no further action is taken by the driver, the car will apply braking and manoeuvres to prevent an impact.


The Night Vision system in the S/Q7 4M (Facelift) automatically turns on by itself when the headlights turn on as it gets dark.


Prices start from £1400 inc VAT supplied and fitted and includes full Night Vision calibration.


This retrofit takes about 6-7 hours to complete and has to be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


This feature is only available on S/Q7 4M (Facelift) vehicles with a specific specification so please contact us to discuss.

S/Q7 4M (Facelift) - Night Vision

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