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S/Q7 4M (Facelift) - Genuine OEM TV Tuner

This retrofit is for the Genuine OEM TV Tuner option for the Audi S/Q7 4M Facelift as if fitted at the factory.


Once fitted, Freeview DVB-T Channels can be watched live on the main MMI screen on the front of the dashboard.


When the car is stationary the TV picture is displayed along with the audio. While driving, the TV picture is turned off but the audio continues to play to avoid distracting the driver. However it is possible to alter this so the TV picture can be displayed while the car is moving, but Audi Upgrades Ltd acccept no responsibility for any accidents or damage to the vehicle or occupants if this is enabled.


Pricing varies depending on the spec of the vehicle so please send us your VIN so we can check and confirm for you.


This retrofit takes about 4-5 hours to complete and must be carried out at our workshop in Sussex, UK


Contact us to discuss.

S/Q7 4M (Facelift) - Genuine OEM TV Tuner

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