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S/Q7 4M (Pre-Facelift) - Electric Steering Column

This retrofit is for factory OEM Electric Steering Column for the S/Q7 4M Pre-Facelift.


This provides the convienence of being to control and adjust the steering column using a new toggle switch on the cowling of the steering column. In addition, "Easy Entry" is enabled whereby the column will move out the way (Up and Backwards towards the front of the car) when the car is turned off to aid getting out the vehicle. When you next get into the vehicle and start the car, the column will move back to the preset position for you stored. (Please note, this requires Driver Memory Seats to function).


Costs vary on this depending on the year of the S/Q7 4M Pre-facelift so we need your VIN to confirm costs and options.


Pricing will include all brand new Genuine Audi OEM parts configured as per factory specification.


In addition, depending on your VIN, we can enable:


  • Seat Symmetry (allowing you to "synchronise" both front seats to be perfectly aligned with each other).
  • Control Passenger Seat from Driver Seat buttons (allowing you to move the passenger seat using the controls on the drivers seat.


This retrofit has to be done at our workshop in Sussex, UK.


Contact us to discuss.

S/Q7 4M (Pre-Facelift) - Electric Steering Column

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